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ÜNA Enerji ve Yapı Sistemleri AŞ was founded in 2007. UNECO, a registered brand of ÜNA Enerji ve Yapı Sistemleri AŞ, was founded in 2011 and after a year of research and development, the brand started manufacturing UNECO Modules in 2012. UNECO creates its own designs and is backed by an R&D team responsible for developing lighting electronics. Our typesetting facility was introduced in October 2013. We are in possession of ISO 9001:2008 Management and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate.  

UNECO manufactures the UNECO Modules for the purpose of presenting the desired levels of light to users in their venues of preference while contributing to the attractiveness of the setting. With our experienced technical staff and problem-free approach of service, we highlight creativity and innovation throughout our entire manufacturing processes.  

In order to meet the changing needs of our customers, we offer electronic materials, LED, UNECO Modules, lenses and LED drivers.  

UNECO works for you together with our national and international solution partners, whose trust we have earned, as well as with hundreds of positive customer testimonials.  

We aspire to become the best in terms of quality, service, price and delivery deadlines.  

UNECO Module: Designed out of our selection of powerful inventory of LED, component and lens options, this is an up-to-date lighting solution that can be applied in lighting fixtures thanks to the most efficient arrangement fit for PCB.

Our Vision

To become a trendsetting company that respects the environment and the lifestyles around it, keeps its customers and employees satisfied, displays outstanding performance, stands tall as the leader of the Turkish market with UNECO Modules and is a preferred brand in developed countries.

Our Mission

To closely monitor with the global developments in LED technology, lead the sector with our innovative UNECO module applications, ensure permanent superiority by making a difference and manage a competitive "Strategic Model" of sustainable potential in order to create value for our customers.