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The lighting industry transitioned from electricity to electronics. This process brought in a series of R&D investments. As electronics is in question, technical servicing and post-sales services are now essential. We realize the fact that such an undertaking is a quite a tiresome and lengthy process for numerous manufacturers. Therefore, UNECO offers you R&D services for LED products. In offering the said services:  

  • We keep close track of the LED technology and ensure that we are equipped with the necessary technological infrastructure to accommodate upcoming product designs and trends.  
  • Our R&D efforts are made in collaboration with solution partners, which we directly serve as well, and strive to obtain satisfactory results.  
  • We ensure quality control in line with the relevant standards and look into new control mechanisms.   
  • We share knowledge about preparation for use and provide application support.  
  • UNECO furnishes the infrastructure necessary its solution partners to transition to UNECO Modules.  
  • We provide training on LED and rework current products for compatibility with the UNECO module design. We produce prototypes of designed products and carry out mass manufacturing.  
  • All the while, we attribute great importance to confidentiality of customer projects.